PP1. We, the Members of Parliament gathered in London, on 12 December 2016 during the International workshop for road safety legislators, organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Towards Zero Foundation (TZF), in association with the UK Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS);


PP2. Concerned that more than 1.25 million people and as many as 50 million are injured in road crashes every year with 90% of these casualties occurring in low- and middle-income countries68;


PP3. Recognizing that the overwhelming majority of road traffic deaths and injuries are predictable and preventable and that whilst there has been progress by the mid-point of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 much remains to be done, particularly in regard to the adoption of effective legislative and policy frameworks for road traffic injury prevention;


PP4. Recalling the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals69 (SDGs) include road safety in Goal 3.6 (Good Health & Well Being) with a target to halve road traffic deaths and injuries by 2020, and in Goal 11.2 (Sustainable Cities & Communities) with a target by 2030 to “provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all, improving road safety notably by expanding public transport, with special attention to the needs of those in vulnerable situations, women, children, persons with disabilities, and older persons”;


PP5. Acknowledging the road safety leadership role of WHO, the importance of UN’s road safety related legal instruments and agreements managed by the UN Economic Commission for Europe, and the co-ordination activities of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration;


PP6. Welcoming the UN General Assembly’s support for the implementation of the Global Plan for the Decade70 and WHO’s preparation of the Save LIVES Technical Package aimed at policy-makers mainly in low- and middle-income countries which provides evidence-based measures that are most likely to help reduce road traffic deaths and injuries;


PP7. Noting the recommendations of the report “Zero road deaths and serious injuries: leading a paradigm shift to Safe System, published by the International Transport Forum, OECD, in October 201671;


PP8. Recalling the UN General Assembly resolution 64/255 of 2010 which called for joint multisectoral action to increase the proportion of countries with comprehensive legislation on key risk facts from 15% to 50% by the end of the Decade72;


PP9. Recalling the Moscow Declaration adopted at the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in November 200973, the Brasilia Declaration on Road Safety74 adopted at the 2nd Global High Level Conference on Road Safety in November 2015, the side event Parliamentarians for global road safety – Building a legislator’s network’ held in Brasilia, and the UN General Assembly Resolution adopted in April 201675;

OP1. Establish the Global Network for Road Safety Legislators to serve as an informal voluntary network for those serving in national and regional parliaments, city and local authorities, responsible for road safety legislation and policy frameworks to exchange best practice in road traffic injury prevention and encourage the adoption and enforcement of comprehensive and effective road safety strategies and laws;


OP2. Support the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, the implementation of the Global Plan for the Decade, the road safety SDG’s, and the target to halve road traffic deaths and injuries with the aim to move towards a world free from road fatalities and serious injuries;


OP3. Encourage parliamentary bodies that have not already done so to adopt comprehensive laws on behavioural and protective risk factors with a view towards increasing the proportion of countries with comprehensive laws from 15% to 50% by 2020 and adopt measures to fund road safety;


OP4. Encourage the development of ‘All Party Friends of Road Safety Groups’ in parliamentary bodies to promote awareness of road safety and the legislative priorities that will contribute to the UN Decade of Action and the SDGs;


OP5. Encourage the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, and other similar regional parliamentary bodies to give their support to the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2010-2011 and include road traffic injury prevention as an important part of their engagementin the SDGs;


OP6. Invite the Towards Zero Foundation76, in co-operation with WHO, to assist in the organisation of an annual meeting of the Global Network for Road Safety Legislators, and depending on the availability of resources, workshops and related activities in support of the implementation of the Global Plan for the Decade, the road safety SDGs and the Save Lives Policy Package;


OP7. Invite the Global Network for Road Safety Legislators, in co-operation with the Towards Zero Foundation and the WHO, to support the fourth UN Global Road Safety Week to be held on 8-12 May 2017;


OP8. Invite Parliamentarians in all UN Member States to endorse the content of this declaration.




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