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How to Make a Woman Fall in Love With You

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In the video above, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge talk about how to make a woman fall in love with you.

There’s always that moment when you’ve gone out with a girl for a few days. Things are going well. You guys vibe, she seems to like you, you guys have things in common…

And then you text her.

An hour goes by, she doesn’t respond…

Two hours go by, and she still hasn’t responded…

And in the pit of your stomach, you just KNOW something changed. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know something’s DIFFERENT.

It happened to Bobby with a girl he was dating. Her name was Christy.

He went out with her a few times… and it was awesome. She would reply back right away. She would laugh with “lols” and ask him questions — her responses were always “full of energy.”

However, things slowly started to change.

It first started with her not responding until the next day. She would typically reply with “sorry I was busy”…and that gave Bobby that momentary relief that everything was OK.

But then her responses dwindled even more.

He was getting the “slow fade”… and Christy was disappearing like a ghost.

When this happens, you just can’t put your finger on it, but you can FEEL that something’s wrong.

So what happened?

Whenever this happens to us, we typically try to find something we said and blame ourselves for saying it.

We erroneously think “maybe I didn’t show her that I liked her enough”…

Or we think “maybe I said something offensive.”

Like “maybe when I made that gay joke the other day, it offended her. Maybe she has a gay uncle or something… and maybe I gotta call her up and tell her I was only joking…”

We always think it’s something we said that messed things up, but it’s NOT.

Because it’s never really something you said. In fact, it’s usually because you said TOO MUCH.

A lot of times, it’s because you’ve tipped your hand so much that she’s not really that interested anymore. She’s stopped wondering what’s going on with you because you’ve made yourself too predictable.

Use Uncertainty to Make Her Fall in Love

Look, if you know the end of the movie, you have no incentive to watch it right? Well a lot of guys want to give a girl certainty.

Within a couple dates, we’re already planning future dates and talking about
things that we’re going to do together.

We’re coming across as predictable as a children’s book. She knows what we want. She knows that we want to be her boyfriend. She knows we’re aiming for a relationship… she knows we really like her.

And in your mind… when you know the end of the movie, what do you do?
If you see a movie that’s playing on TV and you already know what’s going
to happen, you say “you know what, I can always come back to this later, let
me flip the channels and see if there’s anything better”

And it goes even deeper than that. Not only are you giving her the certainty
that you really like her and want to be her boyfriend…

…but you also become predictable in your humor… what you say… and even in how you text.

Keep her on her toes. I’m not saying to be offensive, but take the filter off and be ok joking around with the girl… even if the joke might seem a little edgy.

Here’s a little trick that works great.

Have you ever been out with a girl who seems kinda quiet. But she’s not friendly and talkative, you start worrying “what’s going on?!” so now you’re putting in effort, trying to get her to laugh and talk more?

Well do that to her. Be a little quiet. Don’t feel the need to always be talking.

That will make her wonder: “What did I do?” …which makes her work make you engage.

However, a lot of guys are afraid to do this.

But if I can drill one thing into you that is sure to make your relationships progress, it’s this:

Uncertainty is your friend, the more uncertainty a girl feels with the relationship… the more of her attention she’s going to put on you.

Think of it this way: If she knows you’re a sure thing, she will know you’re always there and she won’t put any effort.

But if she doesn’t know… it’s like watching a movie.

You ever flipped the channel and you’re watching some true crime movie, and 5 minutes in you’re like “I just need to know what happens at the end!”

That’s what it’s like for the girl when she starts obsessing over you. You get her emotionally investing so much that she NEEDS to know what’s going to happen in this movie of “you and her.”

The best true crime movies have twists and turns… and so do the best guys with women.

You ever watch them? The best true crime movies aren’t “this guy hurt this person, they caught him and now it’s cased close.”

No, it’s always like “they thought it was this guy, but then they realized it was THIS guy… but then it wasn’t him either and it was someone else!”

It has all these twists and turns.

That’s what you have to create with women. When she thinks you’re going to zig, you zag, and you give a twist to her expectations… which gives her a jolt of emotions that keep her chasing you to know “what’s next”.

Like watching a good movie, it will draw her in, and spin the hamster wheel in her head and make her wonder “what’s going on here?”

That’s the experience women want, but a lot of guys are afraid to give her that uncertainty. They don’t realize that this uncertainty is a GIFT that you give to women. You’re actually giving her the experience she really wants that makes her fall in love with you.

Be Mysterious

There’s a scene in the great movie Swingers where Vince Vaughn’s character
goes “I don’t want you to be the guy in the PG-13 movie that everyone’s rooting for… I want you to be the guy in the rated-R movie, where you don’t really know where he’s coming from… what he wants… and what he’s after. That’s the guy you waat to be”…

Women may think that the PG guy is cute… but they’re always going to have that strong DESIRE for that rated-R guy who she’s not quite sure about.

It turns out that Bobby and Rob reverse engineered this whole process of getting a woman falling in love with you.

Look, they’ve been teaching dating advice for over 10 years… and after seeing this happen over and over again with their clients, they have finally reverse engineered “falling in love.”

This is how they did it:

They first took the feeling you have when you’re completely infatuated with somebody. You know, that feeling you have right now because you’re falling in love with that special girl…

…and they reverse engineered it to create a BLUEPRINT for making women get this feeling and fall in love with you.

From that, they designed a roadmap you can follow to create uncertainty in your girl.

The roadmap is called “The Scrambler”…

How do you do it? That’s what the Scrambler will explain.

Another weird interesting point is that…

Girls Unknowingly Use the Scrambler On You to Make You Fall in Love With Them

As you consider the Scrambler, don’t only think of it as “I’m going to use this on a girl I like”… but also think of it from the perspective of… how did this girl do the Scrambler ON ME to get me to like her??

One of the things a lot of the guys who learn the Scrambler realize is “Holy shit, this girl inadvertently used some elements of the Scrambler on me, and that’s why I can’t get her out of my mind!”

Sometimes guys even say “she wasn’t even my type… but then she ran the Scrambler on me… and got me all obsessed with her!”

That’s what the Scrambler does… and this video walks you through it.

It will reveal what the Scrambler does, why it’s so effective, and how you can use it to get a hard to get girl.

You will also learn all the “mind games”… and all the things that will get her thinking about you when you’re not around (this is how to make a woman fall in love with you).

Who to use the Scrambler on?

You can use the Scrambler on…

  • a female friend
  • a girl you were dating who lost interest and now you want to get the power back
  • a girl you have a crush on at work (nobody wants to ask a girl out at work, so you want to make sure she’s into you because it’s risky)

Learn how to use the Scrambler to make her fall in love with you